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Our four-stage process is designed to identify external and internal pivot points of change within a business. We start by gathering data to determine potential efficiencies. We then deploy strategically-led marketing campaigns and initiatives - aligned with both brand and business strategy. And we measure outputs against KPI’s to evaluate success.

We then recalibrate and repeat the process.

Diving deep to gauge what’s really going on

The ‘Discovery’ phase is where we structure deep-dive sessions within three key areas affecting your brand – Sales, Marketing and Finance. This, we do to understand fully both the temperament and the stress factors of the business.

During this crucial phase, we examine each department’s output through two perspectives; internally (within the company) and externally (as the customer) – with an ultimate viewport of aligning the two to gain an understanding of your brand’s existing performance level.

Shaping a brand strategy that serves the business

Drawing on the deep insights and rich data mined from the previous phase, this is where strategic and creative thinking combine to give rise to ‘the big idea’.

Typically, this is a conceptual and strategic-led solution with enough ‘legs’ to span multiple channels… to harness new business intelligence… and to exploit specific opportunities.

This brand performance strategy will drive the output of the very departments that have already had a key input into the process.

Rolling out activities that change mindsets

It is at this stage that our 30 years of experience kick in – and our Production and Project Management teams step in – to ensure the seamless ‘roll-out’ of the brand performance strategy.

Unlike agencies who typically steer clients towards their own internal set of capabilities, we always look to identify and access the ‘best-in-class’ resources – be they in-house or outsourced.

Confidently empowering decision-makers

This phase is a vital retrospective evaluation.

Having measured the overall impact of the brand performance strategy against what was projected, we then drive a series of insightful discussions around the activity itself – what worked best, what can be improved?

The learning feeds back out into the organisation – so there is a cohesive and iterative plan of action, designed to achieve new KPI’s and future business goals.

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Having worked with them for over 13 years I’ve found them to consistently generate great ideas and deliver for us time after time… particularly when the pressure is on!

Debs Boyd-Evans O2

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