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Thatcham Research – Walk the walk. Make an impact.

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The Challenge:
Thatcham Research, the UK’s leader in vehicle safety, security and repair, needed a brand refresh. The way they presented themselves visually and tonally needed attention; they wanted to achieve greater consistency and visibility.

Our Strategy:
Their branding didn’t match their unrivalled expertise and credibility. We had to make sure that the brand wasn’t just seen as a housing for their invaluable information. They needed to be rightfully acknowledged as the thought leader they are. And if you want to be a leader – you need to look, sound and act like a leader.

What We Did:
Thatcham Research’s stature gave us permission to be confident and bold in our execution, which is exactly what they needed. So, we developed a fresh colour palette, created a clear tone of voice, designed more identifiable devices and set an imagery style that reflected our ethos. All of this came to life across multiple touch points, including a brand-new website and lived-on in the form of templated collateral. Now, Thatcham Research could walk the walk.

Thatcham Research Logo

Be Bright. Be Seen.

Our brand refresh needed a new coat of paint. Our rich orange gradient gave us impact, energy and vibrancy. Characteristics that embody both what Thatcham Research does, and who they are; passionate, skilled and committed, striving for answers and challenging the status quo.

Thatcham Research Chevron


We introduced the Thatcham Research chevron; a visible and identifiable visual aid to help our communications become clearer and more user friendly. It works hard to focus attention on whatever we need it to, whenever we need it to.

Thatcham Research Brochure
Crash test images

Bringing them to life

Photographic imagery was crucial; an invaluable tool to help us record, engage and communicate. Our style is authentic and dynamic, capturing with purpose to contextualise and document our workforce and our workplace.

Website in situ on a phone and laptop

Taking it online

The most critical asset we created was the website. It incorporated all of our learning, and all of our thinking, in one place, for everyone to see. It was a culmination of our strategy, design and creativity.

33 Foley Street Crossrail Brochure Open

Delivery is everything

While Thatcham Research’s world was very technical, if no one understood it, what was the point? So, we detailed a fresh and clear tone of voice that outlined their use of language, which championed accuracy, clarity and simplicity, positioning them as confident thought leaders.

Training Manual

Passing the baton

Anything we delivered had to allow Thatcham Research’s internal design team to maintain, and encourage them to champion, their refreshed identity. So, we compiled in-depth brand guidelines, as well as a quick reference guide, and easy-to-use document templates, and even PowerPoint training.

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