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St Christopher’s Place – The first year of building a community

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The Challenge:
St Christopher’s Place was adopting the personalities of the unique fashion brands and deliciously distinct restaurants that called it home. But, they wanted to raise their own brand awareness and build a thriving online community that combined their current audience with a new persona-based audience. We had to give this unique quarter its own unique character.

Our Strategy:
The St Christopher’s Place estate is so varied, there is no one effective strategy that could stretch across all of its touchpoints. Our strategy for the first year could not be ‘one size fits all’; it had to be flexible. We needed to get to know the audience, how to manage the various retail and restaurant tenants, and how the channels could work together most effectively going forward.

What We Did:
We developed a cross-platform content strategy that could (and would) evolve every month. We would apply strategic thinking and brand insight to tests on pre-existing touchpoints, such as the website and social channels. However, most importantly, every month we would take our results, evaluate them, learn from them and apply those learnings the following month for the first year.

St Christopher's Place logo on yellow background

Content first

We helped to oversee the destination through a complete rebrand, applying new guidelines effectively across all touchpoints. We took generic content that lacked personality and transformed it into bespoke content that brought to life the bold, striking and witty tone of the collection of unique shopping and dining available at St Christopher’s Place.

St Christopher's Place digital marketing screenshots

Leading the way

We made our user journey as clear and meaningful as possible, integrating all digital platforms to drive traffic to bespoke blog posts on the website where our audience can learn more about the St Christopher’s Place offering. Now, the blogs push them back to the social media accounts to stay updated and encourage newsletter sign-ups.

St Christopher's Place social media post of steaming cocktail glass

Keep the change

We supplemented our organic content with a paid strategy to build the social audience and encourage sign-ups to the monthly e-newsletter. Now, we boost our top performing content to reach the target audience currently outside of the St Christopher’s Place following.

Influencer marketing by TCC for St Christopher's Place

Gaining influence

To begin with, we took a gradual and authentic approach towards influencer marketing by inviting influencers that were already familiar with St Christopher’s Place. They interacted with our target audience through a series of posts across all platforms to grow brand awareness, incorporating competition incentives along the way.

33 Foley Street Crossrail Brochure Open

Ooh La London!

We put on a community-building summer event that celebrated the cosmopolitan character of St Christopher’s Place, bringing together everything from eclectic restaurants and quirky cafés to popular high street brands and fashion boutiques in a summer celebration like you’ve never seen. Coupled with a pre-awareness digital campaign, over 20,000 people visited for the highest footfall in nine weeks.

Nurturing relationships

A huge part of building the community was (and still is) nurturing the network St Christopher’s Place is built on. So, we regularly make contact with the store and marketing teams for each restaurant and retailer. Our mission was to introduce them to the St Christopher’s Place character, as well as encourage a sense of community through collaboration, support and comradery.
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