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The Challenge:
As retail prepared to make its comeback, so too did Sony. Their new device, the Xperia 1 II, was set to be the first major launch, post-pandemic; and it was our job to generate awareness of it, as well as redevelop brand affinity for O2, through an engaging in-store activation in a newly socially distanced world.

Our Strategy: 
Just because shoppers were cautious, it didn’t mean they weren’t curious. Experiences in store give shoppers the opportunity to explore something new, which is something they were craving more than ever. We had to give O2 shoppers the experience they wanted and the safety they needed.

What We Did:
So, we developed an in-store activation that removed physical contact without impacting its effectiveness. How? An incredible Mixed Reality Animation that combined an ethereal 3D hologram with the physical Sony Xperia 1 II. It was engagement through spectacle, rather than interaction, and it brought the key aspects of the device to life right in front of your eyes.


We teamed up with our friends at Spark Technologies to develop an awe-inspiring 3D hologram from the ground up. Their incredible team of CGI artists and animators worked alongside our creative team to construct a holographic sequence, from scratch, that showcased the capabilities of the device, without the need for physical interaction.


Lights would flicker and smoke would appear to emanate from the device. Then, a series of beautifully animated, 3D scenes would play out, highlighting key aspects of the device; from a skateboarder freezing in bullet time to showcase ultra-fast focus to horses elegantly bursting through a screen to dramatise CinemaPro technology.


Our hologram unit, which would be taken on a road show of 7 O2 stores, was integrated into the POS and featured a sleekly mounted device. When in store, two sides of the unit featured a call to action, encouraging shoppers to experience a new kind of demo, while the sequence played on a loop to remove the need for physical interaction.


To generate awareness of our activity, we developed tailored social content. This took the form of Facebook carousels highlighting our activity and directing users to store. Precision mobile advertising targeted local areas where the activation was taking place.


As an additional layer of engagement and incentive, we also leveraged the in-store screens to host a live competition. Each screen displayed a defined URL that each customer could enter on their own device. There they would be asked to enter their details and answer a multiple-choice question for the chance to win a prize!

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