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The Challenge:
Samsung were about to launch their latest and greatest innovation, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. It was down to us drive footfall to O2 stores and encourage customers to experience the new devices hands on.

Our Strategy:
As their names suggest, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 weren’t your normal smartphones. If we wanted to get customers engaged, we had to dramatise their distinct USP by creating a real sense of tangible theatre.

What We Did:
So, we recruited 5 epic paper folding artists to fold and flip their way to an awe-inspiring, attention-grabbing, and wildly-instagrammable wall installation, in store using colours and shapes intrinsically linked to the two Samsung devices. Customers could demo the devices whilst they watched Samsung-inspired works of art come to life!


We designed a blank, but beautifully branded canvas for our epic paper folding artist to build on throughout their time in store. As they flipped and folded, our artists hung the art the produced on the back wall to create an ongoing art installation.


Customers were able to watch our paper folding artists make their masterpieces and receive product information from our Samsung Ambassadors simultaneously, creating a wonderful sense of synergy.


Our paper folding artists weren’t just flipping and folding any old origami. We worked with some of the country’s leading experts to ensure each piece was considered and relevant to the brand; from traditional South Korean canaries to the three stars of Samsung.


Our paper folding artists were also able to flip and fold a stunning series of giveaways for customers based on their device preference, giving them something to remember their time in store and share online.

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