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Samsung Galaxy S20 – Take a Closer Look

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The Challenge:
Samsung were releasing the ‘phone to end all cameras’. Our task? Launch the device in O2 flagship stores with some epic experiential activity and showcase the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G’s 100x zoom.

Our Strategy:
Yes, zoom allows you to look at objects that are really far away, but it also lets you see tiny objects with a completely new perspective and lets you see detail you never thought you could.

What We Did:
So, we developed two ‘tiny’ activations that would have a big impact. They might look small, but the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G’s 100x zoom would let O2 customers get 100x closer to the action. And be amazed by the results.

Image grid of pencil artists and sculptures

Sharp Sculptures

We hosted two world-famous pencil sculptures in two flagship O2 stores. They used tiny tools to carve stunningly small designs into the lead of a pencil live in store. The Samsung S20 Ultra 5G was set up on a tripod and used its 100x zoom function to live-stream the artists’ work to an awe-struck crowd.

Pencil Sculptures
Tiny Leaflet example

Tiny Leaflets

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has 100x zoom, so we made our pre-awareness leaflets 100x smaller to get people in the right mindset. They had to zoom in on a tiny corner of the leaflet to discover what we had planned.

Mini building with an O2 billboard on the side
Pinch and Zoom


In the other flagship stores, we commissioned 3D-printed, exact replicas of cityscapes and created our very own version of the much-loved British binoculars. We challenged O2 customers to use the Galaxy S20 powered 100x Zoomoculars to find all 10 tiny people holding a device in our details digital designs for their chance to win.

O2 customers and staff
Pinch and Zoom

Pinch and Zoom

We tapped into internet culture for our social teasers and used a ‘zoom meme’ to get followers intrigued about our event. A caption directed users to zoom into an image and discover a series of tiny clues until we revealed the date of our activation.

In store photographs

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