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How does a brand like O2 show their customers that they recognise their unique characteristics? All the while promoting a mobile phone plan which offers unique levels of choice? To launch the iPhone XS and to spread the word about O2’s new Custom Plans, TCC created a campaign that put customers at the heart of everything. To demonstrate to our customers that we see them as more than ‘just a number’ we wanted to show you…um, you! Well a 1:32 ratio replica of you.

The Proposal

The ‘As Individual As You Are’ campaign was more than 3D printing. Bespoke build life-size pin walls were used as an ‘always on’ activity. Interactive digital screens. Chocolate miniature busts with your face on it. All designed to celebrate the intricacies that make our customers unique. We wanted to ensure O2’s shoppers were not just entertained, but also enlightened with this memorable in-store activation.

The core of Custom Plans is that they put the customer in control. In-store activations that used state-of-the-art technologies accentuated the personalisation of the Custom Plan through real-time experiences.

TCC adopted a unique approach with the technologies and techniques we utilised, to create an experience that no other network could provide, creating a stand-out event.

3D Printing

Few people have had the opportunity to see 3D printing before so the process of scanning, prepping and printing created a noteworthy spectacle along with an incredible keepsake.

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