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The Challenge:
We were asked to support the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and Note10+ 5G. Essentially, they wanted more people to know what was going on, more people in O2 shops and more people trying out the new devices.

Our Strategy:
We had to make it memorable. The best way to get people excited about the launch was to give them a unique, interactive experience starring the impressive camera and editing capabilities, as well as a super-fast processor.

What We Did:
We decided that the best way to do all of these industry-leading features justice was to create a series of bespoke and immersive experiences. Each of these interactions would show off an individual capability at different O2 shops up and down the country.

Mini model set up for photos

Calling All Creators

To highlight the Note10’s powerful camera and video-making capabilities, we gave consumers the chance to create their own, bespoke stop-motion movies with Hollywood superstars Mackinnon & Saunders. Filmed on a Samsung device, the mini movies featured themselves in a miniature version of the O2 shop and were begging to be shared online!

image montage of photo booth

Now that’s Note10 Fast!

Turning the speed of a device into a tangible experience isn’t easy…but we managed it. We let consumers step into a static set, but with the power of props and imagery, it looked like they were moving as fast as a Note10 processor. They could speedily snap a shot of themselves thanks to the Note10’s S-Pen and with their printout in hand, they were out of there!

photo montage of chocolate engraving of Samsung Note10

Sweet like…

Have you ever felt so excited, you can almost taste it? Well, O2 customers have! To ensure every Samsung demo felt unique, consumers could personalise a bar of chocolate that was the same shape and size as a Note10.

33 Foley Street Crossrail Brochure Open

Try it for size

It’s understandable to be intimidated by the sheer size of the Note10 and Note10+. So, to ease consumers’ minds and generate buzz ahead of launch-weekend, we let them see what the phone would feel like in their hand with interactive leaflets and social posts showcasing life-size imagery of the devices.

Samsung representative talking to a customer regarding the new Samsung Note10

Share It

From making your own personalised stop-motion film and snapping your own fast paced pic to taking home a device-shaped chocolate bar with your name on it, all of our experiences were shareable. We didn’t need to incentivise beyond our experience with promotions or competitions. This reach was all organic.

145 units sold
Samsung Note10 5G poster
Customers viewing the Samsung Note10
90 percent increased footfall
36 mini movies made
Animation based on customer in mini set
33 Foley Street Crossrail Brochure Open

“This activity completely exceeded all of our expectations. We couldn’t be more pleased with the creative. It was incredible and the smiles on the customers faces spoke 1000 words.”
Nic Banks, O2

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