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The Challenge:
Streets were closed. Stores were empty. And no one knew when it would end. As a brand performance agency, it was our job to help our clients navigate the unknown. This is the story of how we helped St Christopher’s Place come back stronger.

Our Strategy: 
The new normal wouldn’t return automatically. And neither would customers. People were curious, cautious, and everything in between. So, our actions needed to reflect that. We had to focus on how we treated people, rather than how we sold to them. Fortunately, as a brand built on community, St Christopher’s Place was perfectly positioned to do that.

What We Did:
So, to underpin our community-focussed comeback, we launched #BePartOfItAgain powered by carefully considered (and constantly evolving) strategy, both online and on the streets, It was a fresh take on the defining St Christopher’s Place hashtag, encouraging our audience to ‘be part of it again’, after so long apart.


We were scattered across the country and advice was changing daily. So, it was essential that we had frank and open communication with each other, our client and even Westminster City Council to ensure up to date information and immediate action.

Our tone

Our existing optimistic attitude ensured our customers were comforted by our actions, rather than intimidated by change. We struck a balance between showcasing our personality, being empathetic, and delivering essential safety messages.

Our look

In the same vein, police tape and chevrons would have been counterproductive; our brand still had to shine through. So, our initial phase delivered a colourful campaign that celebrated our brand and paid homage to the NHS; a perfect socially aware antidote.


Throughout the year, people weren’t allowed out, let alone into the shops. So, we switched our social objective between driving footfall and increasing brand loyalty, maintaining audience engagement throughout lockdown(s) before pivoting back to supporting the estate when the time was right.

On the streets

As retail and restaurants (often intermittently) reopened, we were able to quickly roll out our campaign collateral and any messaging updates across the estate. Each touchpoint utilised its position and worked in tandem with the others around it.

Our changing audience

As everything changed, our audience did too. Pre-pandemic, we’d focussed on style hounds after the latest trends. But now, we had to curate content for brand-new behaviours, comforting, supporting and inspiring at appropriate times, on appropriate touchpoints.

Our tenants

Together, we are stronger. So, it was just as important to look after our tenants too. At all stages, we were in constant communication with them to inform them of the steps we were taking, how they could get involved, as well as find out how we could help them.

The James street take-over

During the summer months (when things felt almost normal), we launched a supplementary, ownable arm of our campaign: The James Street Takeover, which offered visitors more room to enjoy food, fun and friends in our outdoor dining areas.


Government advice would change and conflict on an almost daily basis. So, our responses had to be timely and our objectives had to bend. Whether it was an immediate reaction online or a more measured one on the streets, we always had to be prepared change fast.

To achieve the results we did at the speed we reacted is a testament to our unwavering quality throughout the pandemic.

Matt Rowland - TCC

Ending on a high

Yes, Christmas was a little different, but it didn’t mean we couldn’t make the most of it. So, we made Christmas At Our Place somewhere everyone felt safe and at home, showcasing our tenacious spirit and preparing to move onwards and upwards in the New Year.

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