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Agency News / April 9, 2018

We Loved It so Much We’re Doing It Again!

Tough Mudder April 28th Featured Image

In September last year, some of us took part in our first ever Tough Mudder. After being caked in mud for 2.5 hours and having now had 6 months to recover, we’ve decided to do it again.

On April 28th, seven of us hardy souls will be heading to Henley–on–Thames to conquer the 10-mile; 20-obstacle course. That gives us a few more weeks to perfect our “shoving” technique to get each other over the finish line.

After reading it, the website didn’t make for pleasant reading. A reportedly tougher course features some old favourites as well as newcomers to the obstacle field, rounded off with a clay-like mud!

We’re all hoping the “Arctic Enema” hasn’t made the cut this year, an ice bath that quite literally took our breath away, but we won’t be holding out much hope. It’s designed to be tough after all and we want to beat the best!

A donation link and charity will be shared on our social channels over the next few days, we would be grateful for any contribution. In the meantime, enjoy our wrap-up video of last year’s effort…

Written by Steph Bryant