Two New Arrivals Strengthen Client Services Team - TCC
Agency News / Latest News / March 14, 2017

Two New Arrivals Strengthen Client Services Team

We’re delighted to announce we have two new starters at TCC as we head into spring. Kenzie Harvey has joined us as a Senior Account Executive, and Louise Colman starts today as a Senior Account Manager.

We’ve asked both a few questions to help you get to know the new recruits:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
KH: Creative, talkative, outgoing
LC: Expressive, logical, enthusiastic

What would be your entrance music?
KH: The Lumineers – Ho Hey
LC: Drake – Headlines

what one app could you not live without?(Excluding social media/whatsapp)
KH: VSCO Cam – It is essential for me to keep my images altogether for my social and blog.
LC: Audible

Bringing it back to marketing, what’s your favourite campaign?
KH: Jo Malone #JustBecause – It is an ongoing campaign but it started as getting influencers involved with the brand by gifting them #JustBeacuse. One example was they gifted Fleur De Force, the Jo Malone scent she wore to her wedding. I think this shows a brand listens and appreciates it’s customers.
LC: Levis – Flat Eric

And finally, what will you be bringing to TCC and our clients?
KH: I hope I will be able to bring a little bit of my influencer knowledge and out of work passions, love of social and creativity to experiential events.
LC: Great client service, a fresh perspective on projects and resulting from a rather spectacularly minor skiing accident, a knee brace and pair of crutches.

Written by Nick Thompson