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Agency News / Latest News / May 23, 2017

TCC Take on Tough Mudder

On the 24th September, nine of us will be taking part in Tough Mudder. What started off as a general conversation soon escalated and before we knew it the tickets were booked and the trainers were on.

Tough Mudder is turning five this year and so far the event has already had 2.5 million participants. Although we are sure that we will not be joining the 10,000 people that have Tough Mudder tattoos, we are looking forward to taking on the challenge. The event is a 10 to 12-mile mud and obstacle course that is going to push us to our limits both physically and mentally. According to the Tough Mudder team, we need stamina, mental grit and strength; we probably should have done a little more research into what we were signing ourselves up for but I‘m sure we are tough enough!

Our chosen charity is Children with Special Needs Foundation. They aim to support those that need funds for equipment, tuition and holidays as well as providing care for children with special needs. This includes those with disability and those that have a special talent that would not be fulfilled without help. They do all of this within our local area of Surrey, East Berkshire and North Hampshire and we are very proud to be able to support them.

The team that will be taking part are:

Kenzie – Senior Account Executive
Damian – Purchasing Manager
Colin – Financial Controller
Stef – Studio Manager
Steph – Senior Account Executive
Jason – Head of Digital
Matt – Creative Director
Nick P – Junior Creative Artworker
Peter – Business Development Director

As you can see we have come from all areas of the business and are very much looking forward to dragging each other through the mud and occasionally helping one another over the obstacles and apparently being electrocuted! For those eagle-eyed among us, you’ll notice we had to substitute in two for those that weren’t available for the photo!

If you would like to support us by donating to our fundraising page or by sharing our story on your social media that would be very much appreciated!

Written by Steph Bryant