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The Rise of Experiential

In a world where our lives are increasingly cluttered with brands and their messaging. How do they cut through and create a connection with their audience?

It’s all about developing an emotional connection with their customers ultimately converting them into brand ambassadors. With more and more purchases made online how do you get that good review, social mention and conversation going?

We see more and more brands and product launches harnessing experiences that consumers can truly immerse themselves in and interact with. Big brands and small, are seeing that in an increasingly digital world building that vital emotional tie is absolutely crucial in telling their story.

With footfall declining in the retail sector as more customers make their purchases online, experiential marketing is becoming a key element of the marketing mix and is being considered more and more as a key activator. This is because it is all about creating memorable one-to-one moments and developing a link connection between brand and consumer, ultimately driving sales.

These activations can create huge brand and campaign awareness, capture essential data, reward loyalty, drive footfall and leave a lasting impression. With Condé Nast purchasing their own experiential agency this month we see the move towards curating brand events and product activations becoming more important to all sectors.

At TCC we know that experience based marketing works – to drive footfall, raise brand/product awareness, create social content and conversation. And by increasing brand loyalty, ultimately sales. We see consistently at experiential events we are involved with that the connections that are created between customer and brand do change perceptions.

Ultimately a physical interaction with a brand or product will always enhance (if not trump) a digital one in terms of connection and familiarity. Something that cannot be replicated through traditional channels.

We’ve always seen some pretty impressive live experiences by the big brands looking to connect with their audiences, we anticipate that more and more we will see the human touch of an experiential event filtering down and becoming the norm across the board.

Written by Nick Thompson
April 3, 2017

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