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Ooh La London! brings summertime to St Christopher’s Place

Through the streams of visitors to Oxford Street, you’ve probably spotted the landmark purple clock opposite Bond Street tube station. As you get closer, you’ll see this is cleverly designed signage that directs shoppers down the charming streets of the shopping and dining quarter St Christopher’s Place. On Friday 2nd August 2019, rainbow ribbons and balloons wrapped its post and along with branded easels at the other multiple entry points, passers-by were led into a hub of infectious live music, vibrant bunting and summertime experiences. Introducing Ooh La London!

Having managed the St Christopher’s Place digital presence for 11 months, seeing the destination through a recent brand relaunch, we were already familiar with the brand identity and target audience that Ooh La London! needed to embody. So, the first step we took to creating this exciting one-day event was to further imagine the concept that would elevate the already recognised central London destination to a must-see spot in its own right. More than simply a name, ‘Ooh La London!’ celebrates the epitome of the British summer season.

Creative Director at TCC, Matt Rowland, explains: “It’s a time when inhibitions are set aside, flamboyancy reigns and the most important thing on your mind is looking and feeling your best. We wanted to capture the quirks and variety that make St Christopher’s Place stand out, celebrating its cosmopolitan character and the array of retail and F&B brands that call it their home.”

Window vinyls for stores

The strategic pre-awareness began two weeks before event day, combining out-of-home marketing around St Christopher’s Place with a cross-platform digital campaign. Branded window vinyls and business cards were given to all brands involved, as well as beer mats created for a selection of restaurants. All to build a sense of community amongst retailers but also act as a physical reminder of the event day for regular shoppers. Local businesses received exclusive, concertina voucher books filled with deals to redeem in stores and restaurants both on the day and after the event. Digital channels including Social Media, Paid Search, Display Networks and Email platforms, covered all the possible online touch-points. Users were pushed back to the St Christopher’s Place website for content that further revealed what the event was about.

After a morning of setting-up and liaising with the 16 tenants that were to be involved, St Christopher’s Place came to life. Simon Donaldson, General Manager of St Christopher’s Place, even went as far as to say that “the event was better than I could have ever imagined”. A carefully curated programme that ran from 12pm until 8pm introduced visitors to all that the unique destination has to offer. From eclectic restaurants to quirky cafés running sampling sessions and special offers, to popular high street brands providing discounts for the day, to independent fashion boutiques giving away exciting gifts with purchase.

Damian McCarthy, Head of Purchasing at TCC, explained: “Production maintained a presence throughout the planning of the project including the event day where they were on hand to help from install to derig. The result: a fun filled day and a happy client!”

A family eating lunch at one of the many alfresco restaurant terraces watched on as their son danced with the lead singer of the all-female acoustic band There She Goes. Countless men were teased by girlfriends, mums and sisters to get their hair styled at ADAM Grooming Atelier’s portable barber chair. Whether it was the stop-off point or a whole day out, everyone who visited left with grinning faces, probably because their mouths were also full of complimentary treats. Retailers such as Rituals and Maya Magal invited passers-by to relax with hand massages, or take part in ring styling sessions, before directing them in-store to shop their most recent collections.

Dawn Nottley, Group Account Director at TCC, praised: “They asked us if an event could help raise awareness of St Christopher’s Place and drive repeat footfall into the stores and restaurants. We answered that with over 20,000 people coming to dance, eat, drink, browse and buy. This was a 15.8% increase in footfall compared to an average Friday, and the highest figure in nine weeks”.

Social media campaigns alone reached the screens of 288,253 people and we saw a 43% increase in social media engagement in the three weeks following the event, compared to the three weeks prior to the event. Just emphasising the buzz that was created online and offline about the destination following Ooh La London!

The question on everyone’s lips was whether this would be a regular Friday at St Christopher’s Place. With such a great turn-out and objectives being exceeded, we’ve no doubt there will be future events for both St Christopher’s Place and TCC.

As Bradley Bishop, Senior Account Manager at TCC, summarises: “We loved engaging the public with the various tenants found within this distinctive central London destination. On to the next!”


Watch our full event video below for all the deals, meals and summer feels from Ooh La London!

Written by Bethany Connor
August 29, 2019

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