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Marketing outside of the M25. The importance of communication and collaboration

To businesses, the appeal of the Thames Valley is undeniable. It’s an available, accessible and vibrant location that offers the opportunity to carve out your own niche, outside of the hustle and bustle of London. However, while these businesses have migrated out of London to set up their stall, some still stay attached to big London agencies to develop their marketing.

It’s no mystery to us why businesses that have taken a step out of town still choose to step back into town for their marketing solutions. Put simply: they are very good at what they do. These agencies are strategic behemoths that can offer a robust solution that you’d be foolish to ignore.

Over our 35 years, we’ve worked alongside these agencies and plugged-in to their process. We’ve provided our expertise as part of 360 campaigns for big brands that work with a number of agencies holistically.

Having worked so closely with them, we’ve found that some businesses want (and need) to be told exactly what they need to do. They want to invest heavily and trust wholly in the process.

However, we’ve also clearly identified that there are other businesses (and even other sections of the same businesses) that want a much more active role in their marketing. They want to have be involved in dialogue throughout the journey and, perhaps more importantly, their business would benefit from a greater level of communication too.

Yes, costs are always top-of-mind. And so they should be. London prices should be long gone in the Thames Valley and costs should be streamlined. But we believe that there are far greater benefits that come from working with a marketing agency in the Thames Valley that can have a far more profound impact on a business.

As well as having more space literally, we give ourselves more space to think too. In our 35 years of experience and experiences, we have developed four carefully curated steps to ensure optimum brand performance for every single job that we work on.

It starts with a process of discovery and ends with one of evaluation that feeds back into our next brief. And, crucially, the client is involved in every single step. Communication and collaboration are absolutely key to ensuring the most effective solution; in terms of meeting objectives, exceeding expectations and coming in on budget.

Yes, we’re the ones providing the marketing expertise, but without the client’s understanding and insight into their brand, their audience and their intent, the process just isn’t complete. There are also dozens of moving parts in any business, which can and will impact marketing objectives; shifts in strategy, personnel changes, restructures, budget reallocations and demographic shifts to name but a few. Our process ensures that we remain nimble, reactive and responsive to the nuance and subtlety that need to be taken into account at every stage. Both the agency and the client are integral to guarantee the transformative effect of brand performance.

Every problem has a different solution. When it comes to marketing there is no silver bullet and there is no one size fits all answer, as frustrating as it might be. In our 35 years of experience and experiences, we have seen that consistent communication and collaboration are crucial for businesses see the true value of their money. And we relish the challenge.

Written by Tim Leney
February 11, 2020

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