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InsighTCC: February round-up

A big hello and a warm welcome to the inaugural InsighTCC Monthly round-up… see what we did there? At the end of each month we’ll be bringing you a collection of the most interesting news, views and everything in between from the world of retail and beyond. To kick things off, we take a quick look at the suitably exclusive Clubhouse app (if you know, you know), as well as blowing the lid off of the latest Marmite OOH ads, and that viral Weetabix x Heinz collaboration that’s got everybody talking…

Join the Clubhouse: Exclusive and Elusive
Clubhouse is the latest social media sensation; a platform subscribed to by the likes of Elon Musk, focussed exclusively on audio, playing into our obsession with long-form podcasts. Users can log on and listen to conversations between interesting people on various topics live. And then, just as quickly as the content arrived, it disappears. Nothing is recorded for people to listen to later, which is a fascinating response to our on-demand culture. But, the biggest catch is its invite-only…talk about using FOMO to drive awareness!

A match made in heaven: Weeta-beans
Going viral isn’t necessarily something you think would be worth celebrating during a pandemic, but that’s exactly what Weetabix are doing. We are, of course, talking about their viral Tweet showcasing their signature cereal covered in Heinz baked beans. The combination sparked conversation (and debates) from customers and brands alike, but most of all, it was a bit of light relief. Partnerships allow brands to appear in places that wouldn’t normally be a natural fit…and you couldn’t get more unnatural than this. 

Love it or hate it: busting Marmite myths
If you’ve been online this week, you’ve probably seen Marmite’s brilliant OOH ad for their new chilli-infused SKU, Dynamite…but was it real? After a suitably fiery debate amongst the photoshop nerds in the TCC studio, the consensus is that the photo is indeed a fake. But that doesn’t make it any less effective! After all, this ad was never about a few people seeing it on the streets, it was about people seeing it all over the internet. So, whether or not this existed in reality doesn’t mean it didn’t still smash its objective.

Time to turn the tables: TikTok takes on e-commerce
TikTok are set to unveil a new suite of online shopping tools, making a powerful play into the social media e-commerce space, which Facebook have been leaders in for so long. From allowing users to share links to products and automatically earn commissions, to their very own version of television shopping channels, TikTok are taking advantage of their strong cultural position and making a play for more. With the distinction between commerce and content disappearing, this could be a huge moment in e-commerce.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to keep an eye out for next month’s round-up.

Written by Team TCC
February 26, 2021

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