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Agency News / Latest News / May 16, 2017

Growing Through Spring

I love writing these, new arrival posts. We’ve got two members of the team to introduce to you, and again they’re both in Client Services!

Dena Weal and Stephanie Bryant have both joined us as Senior Account Executives and instead of the typical introductions, we opt for the questions, so here are their answers:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Dena: Ambitious, calm, adventurous

Steph: Positive, motivated, balanced

What would be your entrance music?

Dena: Eve – Who’s That Girl

Steph: Ed Sheeran – Barcelona

What one app could you not live without?(Excluding social media/Whatsapp)

Dena: Spotify

Steph: Skyscanner

Bringing it back to marketing, what’s your favourite campaign and why?

Dena: eBay – Do good, feel good/ #GivingTuesday – eBay opened up the world’s first ’emotionally powered’ pop-up store in London which was a great experiential marketing campaign that gave members of the public the opportunity to browse a selection of items from eBay’s charity-themed giving page, finding out which items they emotionally connect with the most. A great unique shopping experience which was also created for a cause as the earnings would go to charity.

Steph: Coca-Cola – Unlock the 007 in you – It was an experiential campaign hosted inside Antwerp station, Belgium where the passengers had a series of obstacles to overcome in 70 seconds . The campaign was celebrating the latest James Bond movie. Not only was it a great way for Coca-Cola to interact with customers it went viral.

And finally, what will you be bringing to TCC and our clients?

Dena: New, fresh ideas with background knowledge in experiential marketing and events.

Steph: Coming from a digital background I hope to bring this to marketing strategies.
I’m sure you’ll see them both around the agency so don’t forget to say hi!

Written by Nick Thompson