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Digital Disruption Set To Cut The Shaving Industry Down To Size

It is no secret that nearly every industry has been affected by digital disruption and it looks like the razor industry is the next target, as explained in this Marketing Week article by Leonie Roderick. The shake-up came from the Dollar Shave Club in the US who offered a monthly subscription to shaving products and therefore could offer a cheaper alternative.

The main principle behind shave clubs is that it makes the process of buying razors less tedious and cheaper. When you go into stores, many products have security tags or are locked in cabinets which not only indicates a high price but also an additional hurdle in the purchase process. This is where Dollar Shave Club came in with online subscriptions.

The market leader in the US, Gillette, had to launch their own shave club in order to compete with this new segment in the market, however, they have still lost share for the last six quarters. Following in Dollar Shave Club’s footsteps is Harry’s. It was founded by two friends and although they could be considered underdogs, one-half of the partnership was already used to disrupting traditional markets as he founded the online glasses retailer Warby Parker.

Harry’s is just about to enter the UK market although they are taking their time as Dollar Shave Club have not crossed the waters just yet. Harry’s are armed with their learnings from operating in the US over the last 4 years and an understanding that on this side of the pond, we are a very different market. This is shown in their marketing campaigns, with a focus on humour and sense of style in order to engage the British market.

As Harry’s are underdogs in the market, this allows them to be agile and patient with their learnings so they can have a bigger impact and therefore able to compete without the large budgets.

It is interesting to see newcomers into what could be considered a saturated market and the way they are increasing their share of the market through understanding the customers, taking advantage of the huge shift in the way that we purchase products online and doing all of this through the use of data.

Written by Steph Bryant
August 2, 2017

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