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Creativepool Spotlight: lessons from a lifetime ago

TCC's digital interview with CreativePool

About 10 weeks ago, Creativepool featured our now award-nominated Samsung and O2 campaign, Calling All Creators, on their homepage… and people liked it!

So, they asked us if we’d like to have a chat about all things TCC and give their users a flavour of what we do. That interview is now live, and we once again find ourselves on the homepage of one of our favourite websites.

It was only 10 weeks ago… but it feels like a lifetime ago. A lot has changed since we had that chat with Creativepool and it’s not all reflected in the article. For instance, at no point do we mention the global pandemic that is now profoundly impacting our industry and the way every single person on the planet lives their lives.

Things have moved very quickly and, amongst a myriad of other lessons we are all quickly trying to learn, it highlights just how important flexibility is.

Remaining nimble and ready to react to any given situation (no matter how unprecedented) is something we spoke about at the beginning of the year as we looked back at 35 years of TCC. And it’s something that is just as relevant, if not more so, right now.

As well as a key elephant in the room that we don’t mention during our interview, there’s plenty in there that is still absolutely valid. Our history and our process remain unchanged – we’re proud of where we come from and how we work. But, we also still firmly believe that giving consumers an experience to remember is a key pillar in any brand’s success story.

As all of our personal priorities shift, it will be more important than ever to put people first and product second. Celebrating them will win more hearts and minds that selling to them. Trust us.

Written by Jack Glasscock
May 5, 2020

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