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Chip Shop Chat: “pass the ketchup!”

The Drum Chip Shop Awards

For the uninitiated, The Chip Shop Awards are some of the weirdest and most wonderful awards out there. They’re part of The Drum and they set out to celebrate ‘pure, unadulterated creativity’. And they really mean unadulterated.

Anyone can enter for the chance to win a coveted chip and accompanying vinegar (not a joke). That’s anyone from the ECD of a global creative agency or a first-year student studying design at university. They can all chip in (ok, that was a joke) and they’re all judged equally.

But the entries aren’t one that you’d see in any other award line-up. This doesn’t have to be live work, in fact most of the entries would never go live (just look at the Best Use of Bad Taste nominations from last year). You can enter work on behalf of a client you have, a client you want to have and even a client you could never dream of having.

This really is no holds barred stuff. The Chip Shop Awards let the creative department flex their muscles and minds; it’s ferociously fun and wildly inspiring in equal measure.

So, when editor of the The Drum, Stephan Lepitak asked if he could interview our resident conceptual duo, Steve Frith and Jack Glasscock about one of our Chip Shop entries this year, they jumped at the chance.

The entry in question? A submission to the Best Shop Window Post Card category (check out last year’s nominations here) dubbed ‘Achoo’; a crumpled tissue, pinned to a shop window with strategically positioned blu tack to look something like a sneeze, underpinned with ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ and the NHS logo.

The Window Post Card category is a beautiful way to challenge creativity. The simplicity of the medium means you’re restricted. It forces to bend and break its parameters and really push what you’re given to tell a story in just a second or two.  And whilst our entry isn’t an ad that would ever run (especially right now), it was never designed to be that. It’s topical and effective, and it’s witty without being crass.

If you’d like to hear more about Jack and Steve’s thoughts on The Chip Shop Awards and our entry in more detail, check out our episode of Chip Shop Chat here. With nominations being announced on the 20th May, we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed and ketchup at the ready.

Postcard with messages from the NHS



Written by Jack Glasscock
April 15, 2020

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