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A little (long) while ago, we announced that we ranked #13 in the Thames Valley SME Top 100 Growth Index with 46.9% growth and we promised to let you know how we did it. Well, here it is.

Since the announcement, patting ourselves on the back hasn’t been our top priority. To the contrary; our top priority has been keeping our heads down, working very (very) hard and getting through it. Just like everyone else.

Appearing to boast about our business accolades or flex our strategic muscles would have felt crass given the situation we all found ourselves in. But now, as we start to see the shoots of business returning to somewhat normal, it felt like the right time to deliver on that promise we made a few months ago.

Ranking #13 in the Thames Valley SME Top 100 Growth Index was a huge moment for us. Not just because of the great company we kept, or because it felt like a nice surprise, but because it was a realisation of applying our new strategic proposition.

“First and foremost, this achievement is testament to our team’s tireless work,” said Tim Leney, our Managing Director. “But, it’s also fantastic to see a plan that we put into place come to fruition. And, as a business leader, it’s really encouraging to see the agency in a strong position as we re-emerge.”

That new agency offering was brand performance, which combines creativity and strategy to transform how brands are seen by their customers. It’s a practice which touches every single project we take on, from experiential activations and property marketing to digital campaigns and design, which consists of four phases; defining objectives with deep-dive research, determining a strategy based on our findings, executing that proposal with creative flair, and evaluating our work as we prepare to reload.

We had essentially turned ourselves into our own client in the hope that the better we performed, the better our actual clients would too. And that has proved absolutely true. Since we doubled down on our brand performance mission, we have retained some incredible accounts like O2, Mizuno, St Christopher’s Place and Jackson Criss. We’ve even developed new relationships and won pitches for brands like Samsung, Thatcham Research and Allsop.

“It really is brilliant,” said Dawn Nottley, our Group Account Director. “Like Tim said, we’ve been laying these foundations for the last few years. We’ve continued to nurture fantastic client relationships and focussed wholeheartedly on our service, which is the bedrock of our offering. These are the fruits of our labour!”

This achievement means more than just words on a page or screen, it’s proof that what we’re doing is working. As business returns to somewhat normal, new challenges will arise that will redefine the expectations of marketing, budgets will be stretched, accountability will play a major role, but the principle of brand performance will remain the same.

Agencies that are nimble in thought and process, but remain strategically astute will win out. Which is why we, as TCC, the brand performance agency in Ascot, celebrate this acknowledgment of our growth, as well as the growth that comes to our clients as a result. But there is much more to come.

As our philosophical Creative Director, Matt Rowland, said, “we’re moving in the right direction… watch this space.”

Written by Team TCC
September 23, 2020

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