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Going for a VR Ride with Birmingham New Street

We embarked on another trip last week, this time heading up to the O2 store on Birmingham New Street. It gave us a chance to experience the Rollercoaster VR that had been set up for the weekend, complete with moving seats and a fan to provide a fully immersive experience.

The Client Services team helped provide support for the activity with O2 Angels outside interacting with potential customers and driving footfall for the activity as well as providing wristbands enabling entry to a Red Letter Day voucher competition. Water was also provided, a welcome and much-needed refreshment during this ridiculous heatwave!

Observing in the store for around three hours it showed just how impressive the VR was for users and gave us a clear guide to the age range that appreciates the experience. A number of the customers that gave it a go mentioned how they didn’t like rollercoasters at all, myself included, but the thought of being comfortably inside an O2 store meant the fear eased a bit. That was until they put the headset on and started rolling around the Oblivion rails. Shrieks were a definite sign of success.

The responses showed to us that although VR hasn’t been widely adopted despite the huge buzz, there is still a market for it and it opens doors for those that are perhaps too afraid to give the real thing a try. This applies to so many different scenarios, even adventures that are unreachable due to budget or simply not having the time. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, walking through the Amazon jungle or driving around Monaco in an F1 car. These are all experiences that wouldn’t be available until the introduction of virtual reality, where these ‘dreams’ come to life.

Applying this to O2 and Samsung, it allows us to broaden our minds when thinking of new proposals, showcasing the device and the technology whilst providing a customer experience that is normally unavailable. Lending support to these activations with O2 angels and competitions just adds to the exclusitivty of the event and rounds up a full strategy. These short activations provide data that generates the ideas for the next campaign, and VR figures to be a major player in the industry for the forseeable future.

Written by Nick Thompson
June 19, 2017

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