iPhone 6S Launch

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A unique opportunity to create awareness and loyalty for O2.

Bringing a personalised, premium experience to the most important event in the telecoms industry’s calendar.

A bespoke iPhone experience for the customers of a brand like O2 from announcement to launch is a way to build excitement and anticipation. And a truly unforgettable in-store experience on collection day will cement the brand’s position as something more than merely a service provider.

By making every part of purchase and collection a dose of unexpected special treatment, we have the potential to make customers feel rewarded simply for choosing O2. To create an experience for the retail environment worthy of the craft and precision that Apple celebrates with every one of their products.

O2 iPhone 6S Presentation Box
iPhone 6S Box Interior

Surprise & Delight

Bringing another level of pleasure and reward to an Apple product is a tall order. All care and attention is taken to mimic the quality finish and simplicity of the iPhone’s packaging. The box unfolds in a Maltese cross – revealing layer upon layer of added value with O2 brand awareness woven through messaging and composition. Proposing an enhanced and unforgettable experience – without overshadowing the iPhone.

O2 iPhone 6S Apple Logo

Our goal in projects like this is to create a smile in the mind of the customer – something that adds depth, creates positive memories, and forges a bond at all points in the customer journey.

Letterbox iPhone 6S Launch Box
iPhone 6S O2 Brochure Full
iPhone 6S Brochure Close-Up

Every element chosen to mirror and enhance the visual and tactile appeal of Apple’s iconic products.

- Louise Burgess, O2 Head of Store Campaigns & Events

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